How To Store a Rolex When Not Wearing It

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How To (Safely) Store a Rolex When Not Wearing It in 2024 We’ll take a look at how to store a Rolex when not wearing it to keep it in tip top condition and have it ready to go for it’s next outing. How to store your Rolex Let’s be honest here, you’ve paid a…

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How To Wind an Omega Watch (without damaging it) in 2024


How To Wind an Omega Watch (without damaging it) in 2024 In this article we will discuss how to wind your Omega watch including some of the dos and don’ts. But first we will need to know… Is it an automatic or manual watch? Usually it will be obvious as to whether your Omega watch…

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How Long Does an Automatic Watch Last?

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How Long Does an Automatic Watch Last? As with many mechanical objects, an automatic watch can last a lifetime if maintained and cared for correctly. How Automatic Watches Work Unlike battery powered watches, an automatic watch is powered by the wearer. A rotor within the mechanism oscillates with the wrists movements. This in turn charges…

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Best Watch Boxes for Large Watches in 2024

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Best Watch Boxes for Large Watches in 2024 Do you have a large cased watch? Are you concerned that it won’t fit into a watch box? In this article we will look at our range of the best watch boxes for large watches. What are the best watch boxes for large watches? Best Watch Box…

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Best Watch Rolls 2024: Protect Your Watch in Style

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Best Watch Rolls 2024: Protect Your Watch in Style Discover our favourite watch rolls for 2024, including our top picks for travel and for long term watch storage at home, from top brands like WOLF, Scatola del Tempo, Modalo & Rapport. Take a look at our vast range by clicking here. Top Watch Rolls at…

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How to Wind a Rolex Watch? (properly)

Winding a Rolex

How do you wind a Rolex Watch? The best way to wind a Rolex is to wear it. For about the last 20 years all Rolex have had automatic movements. This means that they wind themselves while you are wearing them. Take a look at our other post that goes into detail about automatic watches.…

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Types of Watches, Mechanics, Displays & Styles

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Types of Watches, Mechanics, Displays & Styles In this article we will be looking at all types of watches, their uses, displays, movements and more. Watch Types by Movement Automatic Watches The movement inside an automatic watch is powered by the oscillation of a rotor. Everyday movements of the wrist causes the rotor to swing…

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What is an Automatic Watch and how does it work?

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What is an Automatic Watch and how does it work? What is an Automatic Watch? The majority of today’s watches rely on batteries to power quartz movements which offers an inexpensive and practical watch option.  An automatic watch, also known as a self-winding watch is a very different proposition. Powered by a complex mechanical movement…

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What does TPD mean with a watch winder?

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What is TPD with a Watch Winder? What does ‘TPD’ mean? ‘TPD’ is an abbreviation for ‘Turns Per Day’. Why is TPD important for watch winders? All automatic watches contain a rotor. When agitated, this generates kinetic energy that is then stored in the mainspring within the watch movement. Different watch movements have different requirements…

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Are watch winders bad for your watch?

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Are watch winders bad for your watch? Naturally you may be concerned about putting your treasured watch in a watch winder, this article should put your fears to rest. Can a watch winder overwind or damage my watch? No, a watch winder can’t damage your watch. Your watch movement requires a minimum amount of tpd…

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Do you need a watch winder?

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Do I Need A Watch Winder? In this article we will look into whether or not you actually need a watch winder. Are watch winders necessary? This is an interesting question with several answers. Firstly we should ask: Do you wear your watch all the time, day and night? If the answer is yes,  then…

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The Hyde Park 3 watch roll by Rapport

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The Hyde Park has been around forever! The Hyde Park watch roll by Rapport of London deserves some coverage! For several years now it has been a stalwart of our line up of luxury leather watch rolls. This accolade is not undeserved either. The Hyde Park 3 has something of an ace up its sleeve.…

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Watch Rolls – Our Brands

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At 1010 Boutique we currently stock 5 brands of watch roll, although we are always seeking new brands that meet our standards. Keep checking back for new products! Rapport London British brand Rapport have been manufacturing high end watch accessories for over 120 years. Their quality and attractive design style is no more apparent than…

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How does a watch winder work?

Watch Winder Movement

The purpose and operation of a watch winder is very simple and uncomplicated. But first it is worth understanding how your automatic watch is powered. Inside your watch Briefly and perhaps crudely; inside your watch is a spiral torsion spring (mainspring) that slowly uncoils. This releases its stored energy, which in turn powers the gears…

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Valigetta 4 – New Colours

Valigetta Blog Update 7

At 1010 Boutique we have always maintained that the finest watch case on the market is the Valigetta. The cases come in a wide  range of sizes and capacities. The outstanding quality and craftsmanship is what sets them apart. You can read a more in depth review of the Valigetta 4 here. The aim of…

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The Watch Pouch

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Often overlooked by collectors, we believe the watch pouch is a critical element in caring for your timepiece… Watch pouches are an essential addition for any watch owner. They offer a compact, secure and stylish alternative to the watch roll at a relatively cheap price point. One might look at the pouch as the travel…

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The Gift of a Watch Roll

Single Leather Watch Box

Heading towards the end of the year – the gifting season is fast approaching. If you have a watch enthusiast close to you then there really is no better present than a watch roll. At 1010 Boutique we stock an extensive range of watch rolls, probably the largest range in the UK. Most of our…

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Introducing the Soteria Watch Roll

Watch Rolls Single

Introducing the Soteria watch roll range is something that 1010 Boutique have been very excited about. A Watch Roll Mission We searched at length for a product that could compete with the premium brands such as Scatola del Tempo. Offering the same level of quality and craftsmanship yet shoulder a lower price tag to help…

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What is a Watch Roll?

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Essentially a watch roll is a simple storage device. They can be as useful at home as well as when you are travelling. Traditionally cylindrical in design (although not always!) they are available most commonly to suit 3 watches. Watch Roll Characteristics If travelling, for example on business or on holiday, the watch roll really…

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What is the best luxury Watch Winder?

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We find this to be quite a difficult question to answer. Not because we are short of candidates, especially when we can boast of names including Rapport and Chronovision. However, the brand that gets 1010 Boutique’s vote for best luxury watch winder would have to be Swiss Kubik. SwissKubik The brand has been manufacturing luxury…

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What is the best Watch Winder?

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A simple question but unfortunately not a simple answer! When asking “what is the best watch winder…” you have to take into account many variables such as cost, quality, materials, functionality and styling to mention but a few. Even having experimented with all the best watch winders that we stock and sell at 1010 Boutique, the…

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What is the best looking Watch Winder?

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With so many great looking watch winders available, it really is subjective as to which one you could say is the best looking. You might like the simplicity of the Evo Cube by Rapport and the Benson Compact or the minimalist styling of the Startbox by Swiss Kubik. It could be the cut back face…

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What is the best budget Watch Winder?

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What is the best budget watch winder? Well, at 1010 Boutique we don’t centre our products around price or ‘what is the cheapest this?’ or ‘what is the cheapest that?’ The old adage; ‘you get what you pay for’ tends to haunt people that shop purely on price. We don’t stock the cheapest products in…

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Watch Winders – Our Brands

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Without doubt there are many, many brands of watch winders available on the market. At 1010 Boutique we have done our due diligence and put them to the test, weeding out the good from the bad. From here, we have selected only the best brands to represent and promote on our online website and in…

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What is a Watch Winder?

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…the answer really is quite simple… A watch winder is an automated unit that winds your watch while you are not wearing it. But why do I need one? So that your watch doesn’t stop! That may sound obvious but let’s explore this a bit further. Watch winders have been available since the late ‘80s…

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The Saturn by Modalo

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In 2021, 1010 Boutique became the sole UK retailer of Modalo Watch Winders. A German brand that has won numerous design awards for their innovative watch winders. Manufacturing high end, exquisitely finished products that set themselves aside from many other brands. Housing superior mechanisms and embracing stand out designs in a somewhat crowded and rigid…

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Valigetta 4 by Scatola del Tempo


Pioneers Scatola del Tempo, the pioneers and inventors of the watch winder actually began by producing watch cases. When talking about Scatola del Tempo’s products, the word ‘cases’ seems more fitting than ‘boxes’. There seems to be something decidedly ‘clunky’ and ‘rigid’ about the word box. This simply doesn’t fit with the product I have…

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Swiss Kubik Watch Winders – In Depth


The Swiss Kubik Automatic Watch Winder recommended by more than twenty Swiss watch companies The old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ rings true, very true when it comes to many things, luxury automatic watch winders are no exception. Granted, there are products at a more modest price point that will ‘do the job’…

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Swiss Kubik Travelbox

Product Review A simple idea, perfectly executed… The Travelbox is something of a master stroke from the Swiss Kubik. The Swiss based outfit has rolled  arguably the two most important watch accessories into one unit. A unique piece of kit that not only allows the user to take their timepiece with them on their travels…

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What Are The Best Watch Boxes?

Contents Best of the best watch box Best budget watch box Best general-purpose watch box Best wooden watch box Best luxury watch box What are the Best Watch Boxes? This is an incredibly difficult question to answer as there are so many factors to consider when choosing a watch box and as with so many…

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