A Brand Overview


The Finest German Engineering in Watch Winders

A Vision of Something New...

In the beginning, the founders of Chronovision challenged themselves with creating a winder that could surpass all other brands in creativity, innovation and style. After two years of development, endless testing, experiments and discussions, the Chronovision One (Chronovision watch winder) was revealed.

The foundation was set for a winder that could be integrated into a host of units and environments as well as being used in it's singular form.

All Chronovision winders come with the knowledge that they have been 'Made In Germany' - meaning that they feature components that are almost completely developed and produced by regional specialists of North Rhine-Westphalia - guaranteeing quality and attention to detail.

The close proximity to the suppliers ensures good communication and constant development of the parts that enable a superior product.

The One, Chronovision One

The characteristics of the One comprise...

An extremely versatile aluminium structure gives the opportunity to create many external variations that include real wood, aluminium, anodized aluminium, chrome, carbon fibre and titanium.

An ultra silent independent motor module powers each unit which can turn clockwise, anti-clockwise and bi-directional. The unit can be programmed in increments of 50 from between 500 to 2,500 turns per day depending on your specific watch's requirements. The One will always finish it's cycle in a vertical position.

The techies at Chronovision have created software for programming the winder via Bluetooth or USB connection which also allows the synchronization of multiple modules if desired.

The modular nature of the Chronovision One enables up to 6 modules to be linked through a single power source, alternatively the One can run for up to 6 months on battery power (depending on usage).

A 3 year warranty comes with the Chronovision One, backing up that confidence of true German engineered quality.



Embracing the desires of watch collectors attention to detail and high demands the finer things in life has inspired Chronovision to create customisable ultra high end, luxury cabinets and safes that will satisfy even the most intricate requirements.

These are delivered through the 'Monuments of Time' and Guardians of Time' ranges - integrating the flexibility of up to 64 One modules with discreet and steadfast security.