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When selecting a watch winder that is suitable for your Baume & Mercier watch, things are made really quite simple as the majority of their current models fit within the standard winding specifications shared by the vast majority of all automatic watches on sale today.  If you want to learn some of the basics our guide to selecting a watch winder would be the perfect place to go.

The majority of Baume & Mercier watches require between 650 and 800 TPD and need to be wound bidirectionally, here are a few of the most popular and current Baume & Mercier models and their winding specifications:


Classima Lady10496650Bi-Directional
Clifton Baumatic10467670Bi-Directional


Please do not be concerned if a watch winder has slightly more TPD than is suggested for your watch.  There is protection built into each automatic watch that protects them against over-winding… Once the watch is fully wound then any extra turns per day generated by your watch winder would simply not be counted.


Once the basics of TPD and direction of winding have been covered you can start to have fun finding the perfect winder for your watch.  We all like different things and as you were faced with many options when choosing your watch there are similarly many options when it comes to choosing your watch winder.

Here are a few suggestions of how your watch can be complemented by its winder:

Baume and Mercier have been producing watches for almost 200 years now and have established a style that is easily recognisable…these classic watches look at home in any of our winders but here are a few ideas.

The Clifton Baumatic 10548. A stunning watch with a matte grey sunburst dial featuring a moon-phase, mounted on a dark blue alligator strap. This would look good in a Black Scatola Del Tempo Rotor One without a cover OR given the refined styling of the Clifton, perhaps the Rapport Perpetua III in piano gloss black.

The Capeland 10451/2. Both these references have a solid sporting heritage and would look comfortable in a Carbon Fibre unit such as the Benson Compact, Rapport Evo Cube or the Chronovision One. If you'd prefer, you could opt to pick out the orange highlights with the Swiss Kubik Startbox in orange or the Wolf Cub.

Looking at the Hampton range, they could all feel at home in a number of winders but the Rapport Perpetua III in either Black or Walnut would be great. The rectangular case would also suit the Rapport Formula in Black nicely.


If you would like to read about the rich history of Baume and Mercier then please follow this link.


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