A Brand Overview

Swiss Kubik

The Only Winder that is 100% Made in Switzerland

A Brief History

Swiss Kubik was borne of a simple idea back in 2007 - a desire to innovate the watch winding industry with a small, bespoke range of high quality autonomous winders.

Utilising the finest non-magnetic, silent & energy saving motors, Swiss Kubik were able to boast 3 years of autonomy.

The Masterbox and later the Travelbox were able to offer a fully programmable function and also able to run off mains supply.

Designed, developed and assembled in Switzerland, the company are deserving of the 'Swiss Made' honor - on the back of each winder there is a plate decorated similar to that of the movements of fine Swiss watches - synonymous with durability, reliability, quality and precision.

Swiss Kubik have since branched out into offering a range of material coverings and finishes to offer a personal and bespoke edge to the user. These include leather, wood and aluminium cases featuring a selection of stitching and engraving options and the units can be offered in combinations of up to 12 watches for the discerning collector.

In 2017 Swiss Kubik joined forces with Scatola Del Tempo - the Italian company that pioneered the watch winder in the late 1980s - offering the opportunity to expand the range and enhance the product.

The Watch Winders

All Swiss Kubik watch winders are 100% Swiss made… They are designed and manufactured by hand in
Switzerland with the finest attention to detail to ensure your watches are superbly presented and their
movements protected. Swiss Kubik – As recommended by some twenty of the most prestigious Swiss houses.
Swiss Kubik believe that their winders are not simply functional, but rather an essential accessory that
compliments each and every watch.

Swiss Kubik watch winders are available in a vast array of materials, colours and styles to ensure that you can match a winder to your watch shape, colour, strap material etc.

There will be a Swiss Kubik option that works perfectly with your watch but at the same time ensuring that it is perfectly wound and ready to wear.

The Startbox

The Startbox from Swiss Kubik is a lesson of beauty and contemporary design within simplicity.

A perfect cube enhanced with gentle internal contours. The exterior is coated in a 'Softtouch' finish in a range of vibrant colours and black.

The ultra quiet motor offers a 1300 tpd cycle and always stops in the vertical position. It carries the coveted 'Swiss Made' plaque as standard and is covered with a 3 year international warranty. Powered by 2 C-type batteries.

The Masterbox

Similar to the Startbox, the Masterbox is simple in design yet seeks to reach further  with a range of materials including various wood finishes, a range of leathers and stitching, and finally a wide range of shades for the aluminium case.

The winding mechanism is fully programmable through USB or Bluetooth connectivity and can run on either battery (3 years) or mains supply.

Slightly more compact than the Startbox - measuring 10cm³. As with all Swiss Kubik product, there is a 3 year international warranty.

The Travelbox

The Travelbox from Swiss Kubik was created with those in mind that like to keep their watches wound and ready to go even when they're 'on the road'.

The Travelbox boasts a case of very sturdy construction having two separate compartments - one for transport and one for winding.

Available in fine black natural leather or a choice of black or blue rPET  - a 100% recycled polymer that feels and functions like regular fabrics.

The Travel box is fully programmable and can be operated by battery or from mains supply.

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