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Without doubt there are many, many brands of watch winders available on the market. At 1010 Boutique we have done our due diligence and put them to the test, weeding out the good from the bad. From here, we have selected only the best brands to represent and promote on our online website and in…

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What is a Watch Winder?

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…the answer really is quite simple… A watch winder is an automated unit that winds your watch while you are not wearing it. But why do I need one? So that your watch doesn’t stop! That may sound obvious but let’s explore this a bit further. Watch winders have been available since the late ‘80s…

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Rotor One by Scatola del Tempo

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Design flare, exceptional quality and the finest Swiss technology. The Rotor One by Scatola del Tempo is hard to beat. It was over 30 years ago that Scatola del Tempo headed up at the time by late founder Sandro Colarieti brought the first watch winder into circulation. Borne of necessity for his own vast collection…

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Gifting Ideas Over £250

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Following on from the previous article, this one deals with a selection of fantastic products from a broad range of our brands moving up in value from £250. Once again, great luxury gifting ideas for birthdays, anniversaries and all celebrations. Below is a list of 12 of our favourite and best selling products covering our…

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Gifting Ideas Under £250

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At 1010 Boutique we have covered gifting before, but with our ever growing and improving range we thought it worth refreshing the subject and bringing new luxury gifts to your attention, hopefully making that tough decision for a birthday, anniversary, Valentines Day or Christmas gift (among many other celebrations) that little bit easier. We have…

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The Saturn by Modalo

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In 2021, 1010 Boutique became the sole UK retailer of Modalo Watch Winders, a German brand that has won numerous design awards for their innovative watch winders. Manufacturing high end, exquisitely finished products that set themselves aside from many other brands by housing superior mechanisms and embracing stand out designs in a somewhat crowded and…

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Valigetta 4 by Scatola del Tempo

Scatola del Tempo, the pioneers and inventors of the watch winder as we know it today, actually began by producing watch cases. When talking about Scatola del Tempo’s products, the word ‘cases’ seems more fitting than ‘boxes’. There seems to be something decidedly ‘clunky’ and ‘rigid’ about the word box that simply doesn’t fit with…

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Swiss Kubik Watch Winders

The Swiss Kubik Automatic Watch Winder recommended by more than twenty Swiss watch companies The old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ rings true, very true when it comes to many things, luxury automatic watch winders are no exception. Granted, there are products at a more modest price point that will ‘do the job’…

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Swiss Kubik Travelbox

Product Review A simple idea, perfectly executed… The Travelbox is something of a master stroke from the Swiss Kubik. The Swiss based outfit has rolled  arguably the two most important watch accessories into one unit. A unique piece of kit that not only allows the user to take their timepiece with them on their travels…

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