What is a Watch Roll?

Essentially a watch roll is a simple storage device. They can be as useful at home as well as when you are travelling. Traditionally cylindrical in design (although not always!) they are available most commonly to suit 3 watches.

HS Rondo 3 watch roll
Heisse & Söhne Rondo 3 piece watch roll

Watch Roll Characteristics

If travelling, for example on business or on holiday, the watch roll really is an essential part of your luggage. They offer security and protection for your watches while not being worn on the wrist. Unobtrusive in size and shape, they fit comfortably within carry-on cases should you be travelling light. Watch rolls present a somewhat more compact storage facility that can easily fit in a drawer or perhaps a safe.

Usually, the watch roll is made of leather on the outside with a suede or velour interior. Depending on budgets and tastes we stock a wide range of rolls that are faux leather (also known as microfibre).

Your watches are secured to a cylindrical cushion within a watch roll which in some cases have removable rings or guards that prevent the cases from touching or rubbing during transit. Various fasteners to close and secure the rolls are available including magnets, clasps, buckles, and press studs.

Watch Roll Trio
The Pochette, Aquila and Hyde Park by Scatola del Tempo, Modalo and Rapport respectively

As mentioned earlier, watch rolls are most commonly cylindrical, however brands such as Rapport and Scatola del Tempo have introduced rolls that step outside of the tradition with the Vantage and the Pochette respectively.

1010 Boutique Range of Watch Rolls

Our range of watch rolls is comprehensive in style, capacity, luxury, and budget, starting at £75 for the Aquila Single by Modalo and going up to £425 for the Pochette by Scatola del Tempo (accurate at the time of writing).

Should you have any questions regarding watch rolls, then please do get in touch here!

Hyde Park III watch roll detail
Hyde Park III detail by Rapport

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