A Brand Overview


German Design and Development across Watch Winders & Rolls

A Brief History

For over twenty years now, Modalo has built a reputation for designing, developing and manufacturing premium quality Watch Winders and storage solutions for Watches and Jewellery targeting  discerning clientele and connoisseurs of the horological world.

Based in Hamburg, Germany, the brand has grown and developed an international reputation garnering the coveted German Design Award in 2020. As well as being represented in established jewellers Wempe and Christ, Modalo have collaborated with with the world's finest motor manufacturers Rolls Royce and Bentley.

While paying attention to sustainability, all the wood materials used within the Modalo products have been responsibly sourced and are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

The Single Watch Winders

The range of single Modalo watch winders spans six main designs. The Ambiente, Inspiration, Saturn, Impress, Affinity and Estate. The winders are presented in a wide range of of premium finishes such as Walnut, Carbon Fibre and High Gloss Piano Black among others. The units are constructed of either a responsibly sourced and certified New Zealand wood or aluminium ensuring a robust product that will match it's outer finish.

The ultra quiet winding is provided via a touchscreen control panel such as on the Saturn range which can be programmed to perform 650-1000 tpd CW/CCW or Bidirectionally in increments of 50 tpd OR via a rotary control knob that offers 900 CW/CCW/BiDirectional or 1700 tpd BiDirectional programs on the remaining models.

All the single watch winder models can be powered either by mains with the supplied adaptor or by battery. The Modalo winders all come with a 2 year manufacturers warranty as standard.

The Double Watch Winders

Modalo's range of double winders extends to the Ambiente, Inspiration, Affinity, Showtime and Safe System. The Showtime and Safe System share the programmable touchscreen control and specs of the above mentioned Saturn with the Ambiente, Inspiration and Affinity utilising the rotary control and specs.

Modalo Double watch winder

The Multi Watch Winders

Striving to be at the forefront of the watch winding industry, Modalo don't stop with the singles and double watch winders... They have produced machines that can cater for up to 12 watches within one unit. A wide range of styles featuring classical and contemporary materials, the multi winder range covers units to accommodate 3, 4, 6, 8 & 12 pieces.


The Watch Rolls

Alongside the watch winders, Modalo also produce a comprehensive range of watch rolls. The Aquila and Dyon accommodate for one and three watches respectively, adhering to the traditional styling of a quality watch roll, yet presenting an animal product free option in the microleather material used for the outer case. This offers a similar feel in grain and look to traditional leather goods but without the use of animal hides. A contrasting stitch shows a modern twist, while the cases are secured by a press stud fastener. The interior cushions are produced from a premium quality velour material that offer good compression to welcome watches of a smaller wrist size.

The Primus and Soigne Rolls give the option to have a travel case that instead of a traditional cushion, actually has a universal watch holder that effortlessly transfers directly from a Modalo watch roll to watch winder - yet another innovation from this outstanding German brand.