Find the most suitable winders for your watch


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The vast majority of automatic watches on sale today share very similar or identical winding specifications which makes choosing the correct watch winder a simple and enjoyable task.

When selecting a suitable watch winder for your watch you need to know only 2 things:

  1. How many Turns per Day (TPD) your watch requires?

TPD is simply the number of rotations your watch needs to make each day in order to keep your watch fully wound.

  1. What is the direction of winding for your watch?

This is the direction in which your watch must turn (revolve) in order to wind.  Some watches can only be wound in either a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction whilst most automatic watches can be wound in either direction (bi-directionally).

This information is very readily available and you can get the answers to both questions by:

  1. Reading the manual supplied with your watch.
  2. Asking your local authorised dealer.
  3. Searching on the internet.
  4. Asking us at 1010 Boutique… We are always happy to help!

The majority of automatic watches on sale today require between 650 and 850 TPD and need to be wound bi-directionally.

If your watch does not fit this standard winding specification please do not worry… simply find the TPD and the Direction of Winding and match that to a relevant winder specification.

The benefit of most automatic watches sharing similar or identical winding specifications is that watch winder manufacturers tailor their winders to suit and therefore the standard winder from each manufacturer will wind most automatic watches giving the customer a fantastic choice.

Several watch winders may have a standard TPD which is slightly higher than the recommended TPD for your watch but please do not worry about this.  Automatic watches have built-in protection so they cannot be over-wound – once they are fully wound any extra turns per day would simply not be effective.

If your particular watch has different winding specifications then you simply need to match the TPD and Winding Direction to a suitable winder.

A fully programmable watch winder will allow you to select from a much larger range of TPD and in many cases match the specification of your watch perfectly.

Power options can vary from winder to winder.  Choose from mains power only, battery power or a combination of both.

Connectivity: some of the more sophisticated watch winders can be programmed via USB connection to a PC or MAC or via Bluetooth to a Smartphone.  You can search for the make and model of your watch and the app will automatically program your watch winder with the correct winding specifications.

The final and most important element of finding a watch winder that is suitable for your watch is to choose one that you love the look of.  With so many brands, styles, sizes, colours and material finishes the sky is the limit.