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When selecting a watch winder that is suitable for your Rolex, things are made really quite simple as the majority of their current models fit within the standard winding specifications shared by the vast majority of automatic watches on sale today. If you want to learn some of the basics our guide to selecting a watch winder would be the perfect place to go.

The majority of Rolex watches require 650 TPD and need to be wound bi-directionally, here are a few of the most popular Rolex models and their winding specifications:

Model Reference TPD Direction
GMT-Master II 116710LN/116719/126710 650 Bi-Directional
Submariner Date 16610/116610/126610LN/LV 650 Bi-Directional
Submariner (no date) 14060/114060/124060 650 Bi-Directional
Sea Dweller Deepsea 116660/126660 650 Bi-Directional
Cosmograph Daytona 16520/116520/116500 650 Bi-Directional
Yacht-Master 116655/126621 650 Bi-Directional
Datejust II 162**/1162**/1163**/1262** 650 Bi-Directional
Datejust Lady 31 178240 650 Bi-Directional
Oyster Perpetual 124200/124300/126000/277200 650 Bi-Directional
Explorer 114270/124270/214270 650 Bi-Directional
Explorer II 16570/216570/226570 650 Bi-Directional
Sky-Dweller 3269** 800 Bi-Directional

Please do not be concerned if a watch winder has slightly more TPD than is suggested for your watch.  There is protection built into each automatic watch that protects them against over-winding… Once the watch is fully wound then any extra energy generated by your watch winder would simply be dispersed.

* denotes too many model variations to list


Once the basics of TPD and direction of winding have been covered you can start to have fun finding the perfect watch winder for your watch.  We all like different things and as you were faced with many options when choosing your watch there are similarly many options when it comes to choosing your watch winder.

Here are a few suggestions of how your watch can be complemented by its winder:

GMT Master II with a Blue and Black Bezel – Scatola del Tempo Rotor One with a matching Blue and Black Bezel

Datejust II with a blue face – SwissKubik MasterBox in Blue Aluminium or a variety of other colours and materials

Datejust Lady 31 – Chronovision One in White Silk

Daytona with a black face – Rapport Evo Cube in Midnight Black

A Brief History of Rolex

Rolex SA, based in Geneva, Switzerland are the largest manufacturer of Swiss made certified chronometers and probably the most well know of all the luxury watch brands.

Rolex was originally founded as Wilsdorf and Davies (by Hans Wildorf and Alfred Davis) in 1905 in London, England.  The company registered the name Rolex as the brand of its watches in 1908 but it was in 1915 that the company became Rolex Watch Co. Ltd.  The company was moved to Geneva after World War 1 and Montres Rolex SA was registered in 1920 which became Rolex SA as we know it today.

Rolex were the first watchmakers to earn the chronometer certification for a wristwatch in 1910 and the first to release a watch waterproof to 100m in 1953, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner.

Rolex has produced some of the world's most well known and loved models including the Daytona, Air-King, GMT Master, Submariner, Sea-Dweller and Explorer to name but a few.

Rolex is a brand that is instantly recognisable due to the high-profile sponsorship they have been involved with over the years. Official timekeeper of all four tennis Grand Slams, Golf’s US Open, PGA Tour and European Tour, 24 Hours of Daytona, Le Mans 24 Hours, Formula 1, International Showjumping and many more.

With such fine heritage, your Rolex watch deserves a beautiful watch winder.

If you require any help selecting the most suitable watch winder for your Rolex watch then please let us know as we are always delighted to help!