Scatola del Tempo Watch Winders

Quality, Passion and Style for your Rolex

100% Swiss Technology - 100% Italian Craftsmanship

Is a Scatola del Tempo Watch Winder suitable for my Rolex?

Yes, Scatola del Tempo produce the very popular Rotor One model that is a fantastic and suitable winder for all automatic watches. Scatola del Tempo are the sister company of Swiss Kubik and utilise their outstanding technology and motors.

The Rotor One is the ultimate display of Italian flair and passion coupled with indisputable craftsmanship and attention to detail. Leaving behind the idea that a watch winder needs to be confined to a cuboid design, the Rotor One seems to strip away any unnecessary housing and takes the essential shape of the inner workings and presents it in a style only the Italians could imagine, featuring an ABS soft touch unit complimented with a hand stitched leather strap around the middle available in seven colour combinations.

The Rotor One also offers the owner a selection of bezels that act as a cover to offer protection from outside elements such as dust. These are available in a variety of styles , many of which would go hand in hand with particular Rolex models such as the Pepsi, Batman and Root Beer GMT models, the Black or Hulk Submariner, along with more a neutral blue, red and chrome bezel option. The Rotor One can also be purchased without a bezel or with a selection to suit multiple watches in your collection.

The Rotor one will deliver 900 tpd (turns per day) bi-directionally in a no fuss 'plug and play' program. It is powered by 2 C-Cell Batteries that can provide up to 3 years use. Combine this with the compact design, the Rotor One will sit neatly in your safe while you are away.

The Rotor One is available from £420 up to £480 including a Bezel.

To learn a bit more about this historic Italian brand, why not visit our Scatola del Tempo 'brand overview' page?