Best Watch Boxes for Large Watches in 2024

Do you have a large cased watch? Are you concerned that it won't fit into a watch box? In this article we will look at our range of the best watch boxes for large watches.

Imperia watch box for large watches

What are the best watch boxes for large watches?

Top Watch Boxes in detail

In the listings below, you will find a little more information about the best watch boxes for large watches. These days, manufacturers account for much larger compartments when designing watch boxes. This is to accommodate for the trend in growing case sizes when talking about watches. They can easily house watches up to 50mm which would account for 99.9% of the watches currently on the market. Most men's watches would fall between 39mm and 44mm, with most women's falling between 32mm and 40mm.

But let us not forget the market for more utilitarian watches or watches with many complications, these often have case sizes of 47mm up to 50mm. However, these will easily fit into our selection below.

Best Watch Box for Display

Heisse & Söhne Executive 5

Executive 5 watch box for large watches

The Executive 5 from Heisse & Söhne delivers style and value in abundance but also has the glass lid which makes it the perfect candidate for a display piece. The outer is of a high gloss oak veneer, with a contrasting light grey velour interior. 5 individual compartments with removable cushions can house watches of up to 47mm diameter. A brushed and signed plate on the front completes the styling at a very affordable £195

  • Pros

    • Will accommodate large cased watches
    • Modern, stylish exterior
    • Acrylic glass viewing pane
    • Individual compartments
    • Exceptional value

  • Cons

    • High gloss finish may finger print easily

Best Budget Watch Box

Benson 3 Piece

Benson LWB.3 watch box for large watches

Starting at just £89 the Benson Black Series watch box is simply unbeatable for value. The quality of materials and craftsmanship is somewhat betrayed by the low price tag. Shown here in Carbon Fibre (£99), the box has 3 soft velour removable cushions and chrome hardware with a twist lock. The compact wooden substrate offers a robust case that could easily be traveled with.

  • Pros

    • Compact & lightweight
    • Good vegan leather option
    • 4 colourway choices
    • Robust construction
    • Ideal for gifting

  • Cons

    • None

Best Luxury Watch Box

Scatola del Tempo Valigetta 4

Valigetta 4 Bi Colour watch box for large watches

Simply put; no other brand comes close to the luxury that Scatola del Tempo exudes. Established in the 80's by a collector, Scatola del Tempo have continued to produce the finest leather watch cases that many other brands look up to. The Valigetta range is substantial, available to suit 4, 8, 16 or 32 watches. Here the Valigetta 4 is the smallest in the family. Completely handmade in Italy, using locally sourced calf skin leather and available in a range of classic or contemporary colourways. The exterior and interior is completely leather, save the stitching and clasp. Design meeting functionality, as well as being our Best Luxury Watch Box, it would also be the Best Watch Box for Large Watches. The clever cut outs can accommodate large cased watches in excess of 50mm. Starting at £645, the Valigetta will compliment any serious collection.

  • Pros

    • Unparalleled quality of leather
    • Premium build
    • Many colourways
    • Storage for up to 4 watches
    • 100% made in Italy

  • Cons

    • None

Best Multi-functional Watch Box

Heisse & Söhne Desk Butler

Heisse&Sohne Desk Butler Front Open

Launched in 2023 the Desk Butler is exactly that! Firstly you have the 'watch box' style storage for 8 large watches, each with individual compartments and pillows. A glass lid offers a display case option while offering protection too. Alongside there is a tray for maybe a mobile phone, diary or keys and a compartment below for further smaller items. Underneath, the drawer has further storage for smaller items of jewellery, cuff-links or watch accessories. Finished in a faux leather - offering a great animal free option as well as keeping the cost down.

  • Pros

    • Premium vegan leather outer
    • Storage for 8 larger watches
    • Glass viewing pane
    • Storage for phone
    • Extra storage drawer for smaller items
    • Exceptional value

  • Cons

    • Quite large at 37cm wide

Best Watch Box for Style

Modalo Imperia

Modalo Imperia 8 Macassar watch box for large watches

A statement in style, the Imperia by Modalo is designed for collectors of high end pieces and can accommodate large cased watches up to 50mm easily. The interior is of a premium velour with 8 removable cushions. A high gloss piano black finish covers a solid wooden construction featuring a lock for security. The case top is made from safety glass and has 2 inlays, either macassar wood veneer or carbon fibre. Sleek luxury at a competitive price point makes this 8 watch box hard to beat. From £430

  • Pros

    • Unbeatable styling
    • Premium velour interior
    • Large area signed viewing pane
    • Lockable

  • Cons

    • None

Best WOLF Watch Box

WOLF Heritage 5

WOLF Heritage 5 watch box for large watches

Only just pipped to the post of Best Budget Watch Box (by the Benson), the WOLF Heritage box is a great entry level box but also one of WOLF's best. It ticks all the boxes (pardon the pun) with glass top, individual compartments as well as being lockable and compact. The outer is the expected faux leather that keeps costs down and who's appeal is constantly growing. Neat and well produced the Heritage 5 (also available in a 10 piece) is superb value for money at just £105

  • Pros

    • Proven no-nonsense approach
    • Soft velour interior
    • Available in 5 or 10 piece
    • Light, compact and could be used for travel

  • Cons

    • May have benefited from hinges

Best Watch Box for a safe

Benson 8 Piece

Benson LWB.8 Watch Box

Many collectors these days have their unworn pieces confined to safes for insurance purposes. The Benson 8 piece is an ideal candidate for this job. Not being particularly expensive it offers great storage if not on display. The snug compartments and cushions also allow for the case to be stored on end like a book while keeping the watches securely stored with the twisting lock.

  • Pros

    • Compact & lightweight
    • Good vegan leather option
    • 4 colourway choices
    • Robust construction
    • Ideal for safe storage
    • Can be stored upright to save space

  • Cons

    • No viewing pane

Are there storage boxes that can hold both small and large watches?

Absolutely! To be fair most watch boxes that are on the 1010 Boutique website can accommodate watch case diameters of 50mm, no problem. It tends to be the cushions or pillows that present difficulty sometimes as a small wrist bracelet might not be able to be closed on some of the cushions. This isn't a serious problem really as they can just be left undone and slid back into the compartment. As the box isn't necessarily designed for travel, this will be adequate to hold it securely for day to day storage.

Having said this, Rapport watch boxes are designed with a removable sleeve on there cushions. This enables the owner to have a greater scope for larger/smaller wrist sizes.

Are there travel friendly storage options for large watches?

The watch roll is probably the best storage option for travel, whether it be for large or small watches. You can read more about this in our blog by clicking here.

However, if you'd prefer something a little more robust and 'presentable' than a watch roll then the Valigetta range by Scatola del Tempo probably offer the best watch case for transit (not to mention luxurious!)

watch box for large watches - Valigetta

How do I keep my watch secure within the box?

The process of securing your watch in a watch box is very simple indeed.

Firstly, remove the pillow or cushion from the watch box. Open your clasp on the bracelet. Slide the watch over the cushion. Close the clasp as though it were on your wrist. The cushion will compress to accommodate your watch. Then slide the watch & cushion back into the watch box compartment.

Similarly with a strap and buckle, just tighten around the cushion as though it were on your wrist.

Once back in the box, close the lid and if applicable, lock the lid.

Can a watch box store watch accessories?

Some watch boxes have extra compartments and removable trays that offer extra storage space for accessories like straps, cleaning products and tools. A couple of great examples of this would be the Heisse & Söhne Desk Butler or Borneaux. 

Desk Butler Lifestyle

Glass Top vs Solid Top for a watch box...

This really is a matter of preference. It will also depend on what you are storing and where you are storing the watch box.

Assuming the watch box is going to be on a coffee table or a bedside table, then you will probably opt for a glass top. This way you can admire your collection every time you pass it by!

But if the watch box is going to be mostly kept in the safe, then a solid lid could be the best way forwards.

Which interior lining is best for luxury watches?

Again this will be down to personal preference and could also be dictated by available budget. A suede interior oozes luxury and quality, however this might not be to everyone's taste or pocket. The alcantara and velour interior linings offer the same comfort and security although may not necessarily have the durability of suede.

Rapport Heritage 8 watch box detail

All prices in the article 'Best Watch Boxes for Large Watches' were correct at the time of publishing.

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