Do I Need A Watch Winder?

In this article we will look into whether or not you actually need a watch winder.

Are watch winders necessary?

This is an interesting question with several answers. Firstly we should ask: Do you wear your watch all the time, day and night? If the answer is yes,  then we would say that you probably don’t need a watch winder. However, should you take off your watch at night or when sleeping, then the benefits of a watch winder will come into their own.

A simple explanation of a they work is as follows, it rotates the watch, simulating the everyday rotation as if the watch is on the wrist, this in turn agitates the rotor within the movement, thus keeping the mainspring ‘charged’ and ultimately the watch ticking. A charged mainspring is a happy mainspring! Additionally, this will enable the watch to keep accurate time whereas as a depleted mainspring will speed up or slow down and generally keep poor time.

Furthermore, by keeping the watch wound, it will be ready to take and wear without resetting. You may find that this can be a slow and sometimes arduous task especially when accounting for pieces with more complications such as moon-phases, annual or perpetual calendars to mention but a few.

Similarly,  one might consider a watch winder a necessity should you be a collector someone that owns more than one watch. Obviously, we  only tend to wear one watch at a time, so keeping the others wound while not being worn becomes something of a must!


Pros and cons of a watch winder


  • Keeps your watch wound and accurate.
  • Additionally this enables you to ‘grab & go’ - no setting required.
  • Presented in wide range of colours, materials and styles enables you to use it as a statement piece of furniture or blend into your furnishings.
  • Optionally battery operated & compact to fit in a safe - good for insurance policies.


  • Despite being extremely quiet, some light sleepers may find they can’t have them on their bedside tables. But we find this very rare.
  • Some premium watch winders may be deemed too expensive, however, many more entry level watch winders are available at 1010 Boutique.
ChronoVision One Black Silk with Chrome

How much do watch winders cost?

The price can vary dramatically for all the usual reasons that one might expect. Encompassing size, materials, brand and country of origin, but at time of writing, the range offered at 1010 Boutique cost between £269 and £955 for a single watch winder. Understandably, all budgets are different and we have a specific page for watch winders that cost less than £350.

What are the alternatives to a watch winder?

Regarding alternatives, there are no options to having a watch winder other than wearing your watch 24/7. Should you not do that, then we at 1010 recommend a watch winder to keep things ticking along smoothly.

Should you use a watch winder every day?

At 1010 we recommend putting your watch in a watch winder when not in use. You can leave it on there for as long as you like.

Is a watch winder an alternative to getting a watch serviced?

No. In simple terms your watch will require a service at some point. Lubricants and possibly worn parts will need replacing during it's life and a watch winder will not prevent this. Additionally, watch brands have a recommended service interval that should be considered by the owner, in a similar fashion that you might with a car.

Can you travel with a watch winder?

Yes, indeed you can. At 1010 Boutique we stock a wide range of watch winders that are compact and able to operate using batteries making them ideal for travelling while on holiday or for business. Coincidentally most watch winders normally come with power adaptors that can easily be switched to suit different outlets throughout the globe.

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