What does TPD mean with a watch winder?

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What is TPD with a Watch Winder? What does ‘TPD’ mean? ‘TPD’ is an abbreviation for ‘Turns Per Day’. Why is TPD important for watch winders? All automatic watches contain a rotor. When agitated, this generates kinetic energy that is then stored in the mainspring within the watch movement. Different watch movements have different requirements…

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Are watch winders bad for your watch?

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Are watch winders bad for your watch? Naturally you may be concerned about putting your treasured watch in a watch winder, this article should put your fears to rest. Can a watch winder overwind or damage my watch? No, a watch winder can’t damage your watch. Your watch movement requires a minimum amount of tpd…

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Do you need a watch winder?

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Do I Need A Watch Winder? In this article we will look into whether or not you actually need a watch winder. Are watch winders necessary? This is an interesting question with several answers. Firstly we should ask: Do you wear your watch all the time, day and night? If the answer is yes,  then…

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How does a watch winder work?

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The purpose and operation of a watch winder is very simple and uncomplicated. But first it is worth understanding how your automatic watch is powered. Inside your watch Briefly and perhaps crudely; inside your watch is a spiral torsion spring (mainspring) that slowly uncoils. This releases its stored energy, which in turn powers the gears…

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What is the best luxury Watch Winder?

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We find this to be quite a difficult question to answer. Not because we are short of candidates, especially when we can boast of names including Rapport and Chronovision. However, the brand that gets 1010 Boutique’s vote for best luxury watch winder would have to be Swiss Kubik. SwissKubik The brand has been manufacturing luxury…

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What is the best Watch Winder?

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A simple question but unfortunately not a simple answer! When asking “what is the best watch winder…” you have to take into account many variables such as cost, quality, materials, functionality and styling to mention but a few. Even having experimented with all the best watch winders that we stock and sell at 1010 Boutique, the…

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What is the best looking Watch Winder?

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With so many great looking watch winders available, it really is subjective as to which one you could say is the best looking. You might like the simplicity of the Evo Cube by Rapport and the Benson Compact or the minimalist styling of the Startbox by Swiss Kubik. It could be the cut back face…

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What is the best budget Watch Winder?

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What is the best budget watch winder? Well, at 1010 Boutique we don’t centre our products around price or ‘what is the cheapest this?’ or ‘what is the cheapest that?’ The old adage; ‘you get what you pay for’ tends to haunt people that shop purely on price. We don’t stock the cheapest products in…

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Watch Winders – Our Brands

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Without doubt there are many, many brands of watch winders available on the market. At 1010 Boutique we have done our due diligence and put them to the test, weeding out the good from the bad. From here, we have selected only the best brands to represent and promote on our online website and in…

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What is a Watch Winder?

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…the answer really is quite simple… A watch winder is an automated unit that winds your watch while you are not wearing it. But why do I need one? So that your watch doesn’t stop! That may sound obvious but let’s explore this a bit further. Watch winders have been available since the late ‘80s…

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Rotor One by Scatola del Tempo

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Design flare, exceptional quality and the finest Swiss technology. The Rotor One by Scatola del Tempo is hard to beat. The first watch winders Before the Rotor One was concieved Scatola del Tempo were well known for producing exquisite watch cases. It was over 30 years ago that Scatola del Tempo headed up at the…

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The Saturn by Modalo

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In 2021, 1010 Boutique became the sole UK retailer of Modalo Watch Winders. A German brand that has won numerous design awards for their innovative watch winders. Manufacturing high end, exquisitely finished products that set themselves aside from many other brands. Housing superior mechanisms and embracing stand out designs in a somewhat crowded and rigid…

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What is the Best Breitling Watch Winder for you?

See our Page of Winders suitable for Breitling Watches Contents History of the BrandWho Wears a Breitling?Best Breitling Watch WinderFrequently Asked QuestionsWatch Winder SettingsHow Long on the Watch Winder? A Brief History of the Brand: Breitling SA is yet another of the famous Swiss luxury watchmakers … founded in 1884 by Leon Breitling in Saint-Imier,…

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What Is The Best Omega Watch Winder For You?

WHICH WATCH WINDER DO OMEGA RECOMMEND? See our Page of Winders suitable for Omega Watches Contents History of the brandFamous momentsJames Bond and OmegaWho Else Wears Omega?Best Omega Watch WinderProgrammable Watch WindersWatch Winder FAQ’sPopular Watch Winder SettingsHow Long Should I Leave it on? A Brief History of the Brand: Omega SA are very famous Swiss…

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Which Watch Winder do TAG Heuer Recommend?

See our Dedicated page of watch Winders suitable for TAG Heuer Watches. TAG Heuer has a rich heritage in manufacturing beautiful watches dating back to 1860 when Eduard Heuer, at the age of 20 founded his watchmaking facility in the Swiss Jura. TAG Heuer has created many beautiful and iconic pieces over the years and…

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Best Watch Winder For Rolex

See our Page of Winders suitable for Rolex Watches Watches are more popular than ever and not simply because we need to tell the time. Wearing a classy watch is very much a fashion statement and the classier the watch, the more spectacular the statement. Of course, in the world of watches, it doesn’t come…

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What Type Of Watch Winder Do I Need?

Before buying a new watch winder, there are a number of things you need to think about in order to make the right decision. Consider the various features of your automatic watch to start with. Which direction does the rotor wind the mainspring? It could be clockwise, counter-clockwise or even what we call bi-directional. Then there’s…

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An Introduction To Watch Winders

In this article, we’ll explain what exactly a watch winder is, how it works and why it’s so important. We’ll also highlight the kinds of watches that require watch winders, including manual winding and automatic watches. WHAT IS A WATCH WINDER? There are some really obvious reasons to ensure a watch is well wound. Telling the time…

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