Which Watch Winder do TAG Heuer Recommend?

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TAG Heuer has a rich heritage in manufacturing beautiful watches dating back to 1860 when Eduard Heuer, at the age of 20 founded his watchmaking facility in the Swiss Jura. TAG Heuer has created many beautiful and iconic pieces over the years and has been associated with some of the biggest names in motorsport including Fangio, Steve McQueen and Aryton Senna. The Monaco is instantly recognisable globally as an iconic wristwatch with a motorsport heritage ingrained in its DNA.

Tag Heuer have and continue to produce a wide range of beautiful wristwatches many of which feature automatic movements. If you own one of these watches you may well be looking for a watch winder to automatically wind your watch. We have produced this simple guide to help guide you through the selection process to ensure that you purchase the right watch winder for your watch in terms of winding specification and aesthetics.


As with watch brands and watches, Watch Winders offer a wide variety of brands, styles and specifications which can get a little confusing especially if it is your first watch winder … so first things first we’ll have a look at the basic features of the watch winder and go over some of the basics.

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Rotor Winding Direction – Automatic watches wind automatically but do you know that they don’t all wind in the same direction. Depending on the specific movement they may wind in a clockwise, counter-clockwise or bi-directional direction.

Turns Per Day – This is quite simply how many turns per day does the winding mechanism need to do keep your watch fully wound. This can vary significantly from watch to watch and watch winders can be programmed to match your watches requirements.

There are several other important factors you should consider when thinking about purchasing a watch winder:

Does the winder need to feature directional programming?

Power Source – what works best for your requirements? Batteries, Mains AC or both?

Does the size or weight of my watch influence which winder is most suitable?

Do you require a winder that can be programmed to achieve specific Turns Per Day (TPD)?

Now we have got the basics covered we should now look in a little bit more detail about what is required …

Programmable watch winders

The vast majority of watch winders are programmable to a certain extent even if it is simply the directional settings you can program. If you visit the specifications tab on each of the watch winders we feature on the website you will be able to see details of both Turns Per Day and Rotation Direction. Once you know the winding specification of your watch you can buy with confidence knowing that the winder you have selected will match your watches winding specification.

If you are looking for a winder to specifically wind a Tag Heuer wristwatch, we would recommend a programmable winder. TAG Heuer watches do have varying winding specifications and a programmable winder offers much greater flexibility and in theory will give extended service if you ever change your watch or add to your collection.

Power source

Typically there are 3 options regarding power source for watch winders. Some winders will operate only with AC power through the mains or via batteries using DC power. Some winders offer the best of both worlds and will run off either.

It does just depend on how you plan to use your winder. Batteries give the most flexibility as they can be moved around your home or office and placed securely in a safe without needing cables. Some winders can be quite power hungry and therefore use a lot of batteries while others such as SwissKubik can last 3 years on one set of batteries.  

Mains power offers slightly less flexibility in terms of needing to be near a power source but is arguably more dependable. Mains Power is more beneficial when considering multiple winders which is essential for growing watch collections.

Aesthetically Pleasing

We know that you have already made a very considered decision when buying you watch in the first place and in our opinion your choice of watch winder is equally important. We have a wide range of watch winders which offer many different styles from contemporary to classical and everything in between. We have a variety of colours, finishes and materials to ensure you find a winder that compliments your watch.


Setting a Tag Heuer Watch Winder

It is very important to find the correct winding specification for you TAG Heuer. 

You can either contact TAG Heuer directly, find the information online or in your booklet that came with your watch or ask us!  

There are many different winding specifications for TAG Heuer however the two most popular settings are 650 TPD (turns per day) and 800 TPD depending on the movement.

Once your watch winder is programmed you can simply leave it to it and it will keep your Tag Heuer fully wound and ready to wear!

Which winder direction … What direction should I wind a TAG Heuer? (Clockwise etc.)

Most of the TAG Heuer watches should be wound bidirectionally or Clockwise depending on the type of movement.  The table below shows some of the most popular models on sale today …

(Always make sure you use the manufacturer’s specification for the number of Turns per Day and the winding direction.)


MonacoCalibre 12650Bi-Directional
CarreraCalibre Heuer 02T800Bi-Directional
Formula 1Calibre 16800Clockwise
AquaracerCalibre 5650Bi-Directional
AutaviaCalibre 5650Bi-Directional
LinkCalibre 6650Bi-Directional
MonzaCalibre 36 Chrono650Bi-Directional


The settings for the Calibre 5 are listed in the table above at a TPD of 650 and bi-directional. These are the optimal settings recommended by Tag Heuer.                                                                                                                    

How long should I leave my Tag Heuer on the watch winder?

In theory, if you are not wearing your Tag Heuer automatic watch you can leave it on your watch winder for as long as you like and until you are ready to wear it again.  This is why winders are programmable, so they only give your watch as many turns in a day as they require.

We do hope that you have found this article helpful and that you can now make a more informed decision on which watch winder is most suitable for your TAG Heuer wristwatch.

If you require any help whatsoever in selecting, then please do not hesitate to contact one of our sales advisors.

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