What is the best Watch Winder?

A simple question but unfortunately not a simple answer! When asking “what is the best watch winder…” you have to take into account many variables such as cost, quality, materials, functionality and styling to mention but a few. Even having experimented with all the best watch winders that we stock and sell at 1010 Boutique, the decision isn’t an easy one. All have their own advantages that may suit different tastes, however… We have come up with what we consider ticks all the boxes and therefore can pronounce that the best watch winder (according to 1010 Boutique) is the Saturn by Modalo of Germany.

Saturn Trio
Modalo’s Saturn, shown in Macassar, Carbon and Gloss Black

The Saturn

The Saturn sits pretty much central as far as price is concerned at £349. We believe it could demand significantly more given the amazing programmability that it offers. Programmed via the superb touchscreen control panel on the top. The user can set the turns per day (tpd) between 600 tpd & 1000 tpd increasing in 50 tpd increments. The module can rotate CW, CCW or Bi-directionally which amounts to 27 programs in total and even has a speed winding function.

The Saturn can be battery or mains powered offering that useful option to be put in the safe while away. The styling is sleek, with subtle corner rounding, a cut back face and a recessed winding area. Not being overly compact the Saturn offers a presence that some of the smaller winders can’t muster. The finishing is of a high gloss lacquer over black, white, carbon fibre, walnut or macassar woods.

Saturn Detail
The touchscreen control that programs the versatile MV4 unit of the Saturn

The overall package is complemented by Modalo’s attention to detail with their packaging. Comprehensive manuals and a worldwide assortment of power adaptors are included.

At the £349 price point, the Saturn by Modalo is our ‘Best Watch Winder’

Learn more about Modalo here or read our Saturn review here.

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