What is the best looking Watch Winder?

With so many great looking watch winders available, it really is subjective as to which one you could say is the best looking. You might like the simplicity of the Evo Cube by Rapport and the Benson Compact or the minimalist styling of the Startbox by Swiss Kubik.

It could be the cut back face of the Modalo Saturn that draws you in or a more traditional showpiece case which Rapport produce by way of the Perpetua III, however, one brand that sidesteps the ‘norm’ in watch winder ‘cube’ design is the Rotor One by Scatola del Tempo.

Rotor One Watch Winder Trio
A trio of Rotor One by Scatola del Tempo

Scatola Del Tempo Rotor One Watch Winder

Still compact in nature, the Rotor One shares the usual square base as it’s contemporaries but that is where the similarity in looks cease! The rounded lines of the Rotor One draw you in and demonstrate how the founders of the modern watch winder take their Italian flair for design, and passion for hand craftsmanship to the next level. Scatola del Tempo Rotor One watch winders really do offer the best of both worlds in that they utilise the mechanics of the Startbox sister company Swiss Kubik and the excellence in leather craft from their own workshops.

Rotor One Watch Winder Details
Details of the hand stitching and machined rear plate of the Rotor One

The body is constructed from a soft touch ABS plastic. Across the centre is a calfskin leather strap which comes in a range of colours and stitching. The owner is offered a wide range of ‘bezel’ covers to compliment the look of their watch while protecting it.

Rotor One Bezel Details
Some of the Rotor One Bezel options

Battery operated, these watch winders can run for up to three years on a pair of C cells. The Rotor One is delivered with a 3 year manufacturers warranty.

Learn more about Scatola del Tempo watch winders here or read our review on the Rotor One here. Delivered with a 3 year manufacturers warranty, the Rotor One is sure to compliment your favourite timepiece.

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