What is the best luxury Watch Winder?

We find this to be quite a difficult question to answer. Not because we are short of candidates, especially when we can boast of names including Rapport and Chronovision. However, the brand that gets 1010 Boutique’s vote for best luxury watch winder would have to be Swiss Kubik.


The brand has been manufacturing luxury watch winders for over 15 years now. It didn’t take them long to realise what connoisseurs of the horological world really wanted from their watch winder. Stylish, compact, precision built with the highest quality components which will offer reliability for years to come.

Masterbox Trio
The Masterbox by Swiss Kubik shown here in vibrant colour options

100% Swiss Made

Essentially, Swiss Kubik produce two luxury watch winding units and share these across two product ranges. The Startbox utilising one unit and the Masterbox the second, more advanced unit. Manufactured 100% in Switzerland. All components sourced within 50 km of their headquarters in Givisiez. This earned them the much coveted marque “Swiss Made” machined into the plate on the rear of the units.

Swiss Made Marque
The ‘Swiss Made’ marque machined into the rear of the unit


Focusing on the flagship Masterbox, presented with a compact aluminium cased unit. The Masterbox is available in a wide range of vibrant anodised colours, leather or wood. The units are available in bespoke multiples and can be configured inline or stacked to suit your desire. Programmable via an app downloaded to your device (Apple or Android). This allows the user to select turns per day (tpd) in increments of 20 tpd. The motor is ultra quiet and most importantly produces zero magnetism. The extensive research performed by SwissKubik enables the unit to run on a pair of batteries for 3 years. This offers the perfect option for collectors that need to keep their pieces in a safe, while the app monitors the remaining battery life.

Masterbox Trio Wood Leather
The Masterbox in Yacht wood, quilted blue or premium dark green leather

Delivered with a 3 year manufacturers warranty, the Swiss Kubik Masterbox is the true choice of the connoisseur.

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