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A Brief History of the Brand:

Omega SA are very famous Swiss luxury watchmaker who are based in Biel/Bienne in Switzerland.  Omega was founded back in 1848 by Louis Brandt.  The company changed its name to Omega SA as it is known and loved today in 1982 and it is currently a subsidiary of the Swatch Group.

Famous moments in the life of Omega:

As with so many of the leading Swiss watchmaking brands Omega has more than its fair share of special moments in the life of watchmaking.

  • Omega’s founder Louis Brandt manufactured the world’s first-minute repeater in 1892.  This was a collaboration with another famous Swiss Watch Making name, Audemars Piguet who provided the movement for this important collaboration.
  • It was Omega who created to World’s first tourbillon wristwatch, the 301 calibre in 1947.
  • Omega made history again in 1999 by launching the worlds first mass-produced watch which incorporated the coaxial escapement which was actually invented by an English watchmaker called George Daniels.
  • Over the years there has been many watches made with a resistance to magnetic fields but in 2003 Omega produced the world’s first movement that had a magnetic resistance to fields in excess of 15000 Gauss or 1.5 Tesla.
  • The first watch on the moon!   Wearing an Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph, Buzz Aldrin created horological history by making his Omega THE first watch to be worn on the moon.
  • Omega have been the official timekeeper of the Olympics on numerous occasions. 

James Bond and Omega:

No introduction to Omega could be complete with mentioning James Bond!

Omega has been linked into the James Bond films since 1995 when Pierce Brosnan wore a Seamaster Professional in GoldenEye.  In more recent films Daniel Craig has been seen wearing Omega wristwatches in Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and Spectre with special edition watches produced for every film they provide the perfect opportunity for collectors.

Who else wears Omega?

This list could go on forever but here are a few of our favourites:

  • Buzz Aldrin
  • Pierce Brosnan
  • Jeremy Clarkson
  • George Clooney
  • Daniel Craig
  • Cindy Crawford
  • Nicole Kidman
  • Tom Hanks
  • Elvis Presley
  • John F. Kennedy
  • Mao Zedong (Chairman Mao)
  • Prince William

What do I need to consider when choosing a Watch Winder for an Omega wristwatch?

There two main things that always need to be considered when choosing a Watch Winder, firstly you need to ensure that the watch winder will match the winding specification of the particular movement in your watch and secondly that you choose a winder that you love the look of.


There are many brands of watch winder available and many different winders within each brand and sometimes this can appear quite confusing but in reality, it is quite simple as the once you have sorted out the basics the rest is simply how you want your winder to look.

The two most important functions of a Watch Winder are the direction of rotation and the Turns per Day …

Rotor Winding Direction – Automatic watches have very special movements inside them that allow the watch to be wound simply by the movement of the watch on the wearer’s wrist.  Depending on each particular watch the movement is designed to wind the watch in a clockwise, counter-clockwise or bi-directional direction. 

Turns Per Day – This again differs between movements and when the movement was designed it was designed to require an optimal number turns every day to keep the watch fully wound. This varies from watch to watch but this is why so many watch winders can be programmed to mirror your watches requirements.

Here are some of the things to consider when looking at the specification of watch winders:

Does the winder need to have programming for the direction of winding?

Power Source – does the winder need to work off batteries or the mains or would a winder that had both options be better for you?

Does the size or weight of my watch influence which winder is most suitable?

Does the winder need to offer programmable functionality for the number of Turns Per Day (TPD) or is the standard-setting adequate?


The vast majority of automatic watches on sale today share a very common winding specification and a good quality non-programmable winder would adequately serve your requirements.  We stock many examples of these from brands like Wolf, Rapport Swiss Kubik and Scatola del Tempo.

However certain watches will require a specific winding program which can only be achieved by selecting a programmable watch winder.  With these winders you can select your desired no. of Turns per Day and the desired direction of rotation. 

In our experience, if you only have one automatic watch it is only a matter of time until you add at least another one to your collection at which point an automatic winder offers versatility as you don’t know what your watch will require.

Our range of winders offer different ways of programming including simple dials, touch screen, USB connection and even Bluetooth connection via smartphones.

Power source

This option is pretty much down to your personal preference and how you will be using your watch winder.  The three options are:

  • Battery Powered
  • Main Powered
  • Both Battery or Main Powered.

Battery-powered winders are great for that added flexibility as you can literally put them anywhere from a shelf to a wardrobe to a safe without having to think about how to power it.  Winders from Swiss Kubik and Scatola del Tempo will offer 3 years life from just 2 C Cell batteries.

Mains power is always dependable and is preferred for powering multiple units but if you find a winder that has both options you have the ultimate flexibility.

What look are you after?

Choosing a watch winder can be just as much fun as choosing your watch in the first place.  As you browse through our selection you will notice a huge array of styles, colours, materials etc… 

Omega has produced many models that you can have fun with matching the perfect watch winder.  For example, Blue or Orange bezels could be matched to the outer colour of the winder as could the orange strap on a planet ocean. 

A sportier watch would go well with Swiss Kubik or Scatola del Tempo whereas a Constellation may sit better in a Rapport winder. 

Take your time and enjoy choosing the right winder for your watch.

Watch Winder FAQ’s for Omega Watches

Setting an Omega Watch Winder

It is essential to use the correct winding specification for your Omega watch.

You can either contact an Omega Authorised Dealer or contact Omega directly, find the information online or in the manual that accompanied your watch when you purchased it. Alternatively, ask us! 

As with most brands, there are many differing winding specifications for Omega however the two most popular settings are 650 TPD (turns per day) and 800 TPD depending on the movement.

Once your watch winder is programmed you can simply leave it to it and it will keep your Omega fully wound and ready to wear!

Which winder direction … What direction should I wind an Omega? (Clockwise etc.)

Most of the Omega watches should be wound bidirectionally or Clockwise depending on the type of movement.  The table below shows some of the most popular models on sale today …

(Always make sure you use the manufacturer’s specification for the number of Turns per Day and the winding direction.)

Popular Omega Watch Winder Settings:

Seamaster 300m650Bi-Directional
Seamaster Planet Ocean650Bi-Directional
Speedmaster Racing Chronometer650Clockwise
Constellation 8600          650Bi-Directional
Speedmaster Moonwatch Co-Axial Moonphase700Bi-Directional

How long should I leave my Omega on the watch winder?

If you are not wearing your Omega automatic watch then leave it on your watch winder.  Your watch winder will wind the watch to your desired settings day in, day out until you are ready to wear it again.

We hope that you now feel that little bit more informed about watch winders and in particular which is the best winder for your Omega wristwatch.

If you do require any help selecting the correct winder for you and your watch then please let us know as we are always delighted to help!

4 of our Most Popular Winders for Omega

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