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A winder worthy of your Patek Philippe

100% Swiss Made - Ultra Quiet Swiss Motor - Recommended By Over 20 Swiss Watch Houses

Is a Swiss Kubik Watch Winder suitable for my Patek Philippe?


Simply put, yes! Swiss Kubik watch winders are suitable for all watches, including Patek Philippe.

The Masterbox is the flagship model from Swiss Kubik incorporating Bluetooth technology that enables the user to connect to the winder and tailor the program to their watch's specific requirements. The user can then select how many turns per day and the direction of rotation giving your Patek Philippe watch exactly what is recommended. Multiple winders can be named and controlled via the app and programmed independently. The Masterbox is available in three 'parent' materials - Aluminium, Wood or Leather, each having a variety of choices within. The Masterbox can also be bought in 'multiples' configurations to suit any sized collection in one unit.


The Startbox is what one might refer to as the entry level winder with it's 'plug and play' simplicity. Having said that, the Startbox should not be overlooked and with it's Swiss motor and 'Swiss Made' certification it is a superior winder to many other products on the market.

The Travelbox is a unique watch winder and travel case in one unit. It uses the same sophisticated technology as the Masterbox but is housed within a stylish and sturdy travelling case.

The Startbox is available from £425 with the Masterbox introduced at £695.

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3 Years Warranty

3 Years Battery Life

From £425


3 Years Warranty

Fully Programmable

From £695


3 Years Warranty

Designed For Travelling

From £990