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Is a Swiss Kubik Watch Winder suitable for my Omega?


The quick answer is yes, the Swiss Kubik watch winders are suitable for all watches.

Ultimately Swiss Kubik produce a range of three winders; the Startbox, Masterbox and the Travelbox. The Startbox operates a 'plug and play' single program of 900 turns per day (TPD) bi-directionally. The Masterbox and Travelbox are both fully programmable using the bespoke app that can be downloaded to your device giving you access to set up your winder to suit your watch's specific requirements, you can also check the battery power health and even name your winders.

Most Omega watches have a winding spec of between 650 & 800 turns per day and all automatic watches have a built in clutch mechanism that allows extra energy to be dumped without any detrimental impact to the movement. With this in mind both the Swiss Kubik Startbox and Masterbox are perfect winders for your watch - whether it be a Seamaster, Speedmaster, Constellation or De Ville. The Masterbox is also available in variety of configurations to suit larger collections - please click here to read spec guide.

The Startbox and Masterbox come in a wide variety of colours and finishes that can compliment your Omega or offer a striking contrast.

The Startbox is available from £425 with the Masterbox introduced at £695.

Why not take a look at our Swiss Kubik 'brand overview' page, read our Swiss Kubik 'blog post' here or read our 'Travelbox review' here?

Should you have any concerns or require any advice on selecting the most suitable winder, then please get in touch.


3 Years Warranty

3 Years Battery Life

From £425


3 Years Warranty

Fully Programmable

From £695


3 Years Warranty

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From £990