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1010 Boutique have carefully selected our collection of winders to include a great selection of 8 Piece Watch Winders from leading brands including WOLF and Rapport London.

Designed to wind just about all modern automatic watches from leading brands such as Rolex, Tag Heuer, Omega, Cartier, Breitling, IWC, Tudor and many more ... Select a Watch Winder that is suitable for your Watch Brand.

The prefect compliment to the growing collection.

Watch Winders for 8 Watches

Automatic Winders for Eight Watches

As with all multiple module winders the 8 Watch Winder is an essential addition to any serious watch collection.  A love of watches can turn into a seriously expensive hobby and most collectors love nothing more than to wear their watches.  As you can only wear one watch at a time it is common practice to change and swap your watches on a regular basis and the more watches you own the bigger the problem gets of keeping them showing the correct time for when you want to wear them.

Incorrect time or date is quite annoying and can take some time to reset if your watch has used its power reserve but other complications on watches can be a lot more involved to reset.  So much so that you may even change your mind to wear the watch of your choice if it requires resetting.

An 8 Watch Winder will keep 8 of your precious watches fully wound and ready to go whenever you want to change your watch.  All 8 winding modules work independently from each other allowing you to specify the number of Turns per Day (TPD) and direction of winding for each individual module or watch.  This becomes much more important as your watch collection grows as invariably your watches will have differing winding specifications.

As with other winders it is important to point out that these 8 Watch Winders are not excessively large and can be readily accommodated in Bedrooms, Dressing Rooms, Walk in Wardrobes and even offices.  The Wolf Axis, Roadster and Viceroy series of winders all measure 51cm Long x 16.5cm Wide x 23cm High.

WOLF Watch Winder 8

Our 8 Watch Winder collection includes a number of different winders from Wolf including the Heritage, Axis, Roadster and Viceroy ranges.

An 8 watch winder cannot help but make a striking impression especially once its loaded with 8 beautiful wristwatches.  The very distinct offerings from Wolf allow you to find something that matches your style or watches perfectly.

Elegant: The Heritage and Viceroy Ranges offer a very elegant finish which won’t clash with any interiors and delivers a very classic look.

Traditional: The Roadster range offers a slightly more traditional feel with its Macassar wooden finish on the face of the winder.

Contemporary: The Axis range of winders delivers on the more modern front with the face plate being produced from laser cut steel which can be finished in a very sleek Black Powder Coat or stunning Copper.

If you require any assistance in making your selection then please do not hesitate to contact us on 0161 468 2780.

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