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1010 Boutique have carefully selected our collection of winders to include a great selection of 6 Watch Winders from leading brands including WOLF and Rapport London.

Designed to wind just about all modern automatic watches from leading brands such as Rolex, Tag Heuer, Omega, Cartier, Breitling, IWC, Tudor and many more ... Select a Watch Winder that is suitable for your Watch Brand.

The prefect compliment to the growing collection.

Watch Winders for 6 Watches

Rapport Formula Six Watch Winder - Black

Rapport Formula Six Watch Winder - Black

£1395.00 £1255.50

10% Off Limited Offer
New Product
Rapport Formula Six Watch Winder - Carbon Fibre

Rapport Formula Six Watch Winder - Carbon Fibre

£1595.00 £1435.50

10% Off Limited Offer
New Product

Automatic Winders for Six Watches

For the growing watch collection and in particular if those watches are to be worn regularly then a watch winder with multiple winding modules is essential.  Our 6 watch winders feature six individual winding modules all of which can be programmed to work independently from each other to wind upto six watches at same time.

Along with the mechanical benefits of using a watch winder the practical benefit is considerable as your watches are always kept fully wound with the correct Time and Date and furthermore any complications such as moon phase, annual or perpetual calendars are all kept 100% accurate.

All automatic mechanical watches require a specific number of Turns per Day (TPD) and a set direction of rotation to keep them fully wound and our 6 Watch Winders will allow each of the individual winding modules to have a different set of winding data should it be required. 

It is important to point out that these units are actually quite compact in size:

Rapport’s Formula Winders measure 20cm Long x 27cm Wide x 40cm High

Wolf’s Axis, Roadster and Viceroy Winders measure 40cm Long x 16.5cm Wide x 33cm High

Their compact size ensures they can be easily accommodated within Bedrooms, Dressing Rooms, Walk-In Wardrobes, Offices etc…  Wherever they are positioned they will certainly make a statement!

Our 6 Watch Winder Collection

Our Collection includes 6 Watch Winders from both Rapport London and Wolf.

Rapport offer their extremely desirable Formula series in a Black Piano Wood Finish and a striking Carbon Fibre Finish both with a luxurious, soft, grey velveteen interior.  These fantastic winders feature touch screen control to program each of the individual winding modules and each winder has a stunning LED back light which can be switched on/off and showcases your watches beautifully.

Manufactured to the typical high standards of Rapport with a full 2 year warranty the Formula represents stunning value for money.

Wolf offer an impressive, four different winders at this 6 watch winder level starting with their Heritage range and progressing to the Roadster, Axis and Viceroy winders.

The Axis, Roadster and Viceroy all share the same basic architecture and fantastic 2.7 winding module but offer quite different looks.  The 2.7 module offers full programming of each individual module to give specific TPD, direction of winding and delayed starts from 6 to 72 hours.

If you require any assistance in making your selection then please do not hesitate to contact us on 0161 468 2780.

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