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All Scatola del Tempo Watch Winders are suitable for the majority of Automatic Watches on the market including Rolex, Omega, Breitling, Tag Heuer, Tudor, Cartier and many more. 

The majority of automatic watches share very similar winding specifications which are delivered by all our watch winders.  If your watch does not correspond with these basic settings then one of our programmable winders will be required … pleased ask if you require any help.

1010 Boutique are extremely proud to be Official Resellers and Stockists of Scatola del Tempo Watch Winders.

A fantastic range of individual Watch Winders from the original Creator of the watch winder.  A range of 7 different colours of leather with a choice of bezels … The Rotor One is 100% made in Italy while using a Swiss made mechanism.

A Brief of Scatola del Tempo History:

Surprisingly, it is as recent as 1989 that Sandro Colarieti invented the original Watch Winder and Scatola del Tempo was born.  Sandro Colarieti enjoyed a passion for watches as was a significant collector of Patek Philippe watches.  As a lover of automatic watches he wanted to create a box that defied time and kept his watches wound when not on his wrist.  As it didn’t exist already … he invented it!

As a passionate collector of Patek Phillipe he shared his invention with the great watch maker for put the product on test for a year, after which they placed an order for 500 watch winders and the story continues.

The collaboration with Patek Philippe helped Scatola del Tempo watch winders to become known around the world and allowed the business to grow and develop.  Today Scatola del Tempo produce some of the most beautiful, custom made watch winding solutions available anywhere in the world.

The Scatola del Tempo Rotor One:

The Rotor One harks back to the very beginning … this stunning single watch winder truly delivers the complete package.

Designed and manufactured in Italy giving the Scatola del Tempo Rotor One that unmistakable Italian flair … why design another cube based watch winder when you could design something as beautiful and interesting as the Rotor One.  The body of the Watch Winder is a combination of elegant soft touch finish and beautiful leather in a variety of colours.

Your watch sits behind a protective window which comes as standard with an elegant chrome surround but this can be altered to a number of different bezels including the classic Pepsi and Batman bezels.

Once they had perfected the ‘form’ they need to look at the ‘function’ and what better way to power the Rotor One than by using a mechanism from Swiss Kubik.  The Swiss Kubik mechanism is 100% designed and made in Switzerland and is trusted by the very best watch makers.

Powered by 2 C Cell batteries giving 3 years of continuous use the Scatola del Tempo Rotor One offers a winding program that is designed to wind virtually all automatic watches available on sale today.  The winder will deliver 900 turns per day Bi-Directionally.

With 42 different combinations of bezels and different coloured leather there is sure to be a Rotor One to suit your watch and style.

Here’s a few suggestions of fantastic combinations that we love:

Black Leather Strap with a Chrome Bezel is ready made classic that would compliment just about any watch.  The Brown Leather Strap and Grey Leather Strap also offer that understated elegance.

The choice of different coloured leather straps allows you to customise your Rotor One and tie it into your style or to a specific watch.  Any watch with blue strap, face or bezel would look superb in Scatola del Tempo Rotor One with a Blue Leather Strap and a Chrome bezel.  If you’re lucky enough to own a ‘Hulk’ get the Green Leather Strap … it’s the perfect complement!

If you like the different bezels then you can simply choose the one you like or try and match your watch with a bezel.  Got a Batman?  Then the Batman Bezel with either the Black Leather Strap or Blue Leather Straps looks amazing. 

Have fun finding the right combination for you and if you need any help at all then please don’t hesitate to call us. If you were looking for different types of watch winders, check out our extensive range!

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