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All our Watch Winders are suitable for the majority of Automatic Watches on the market including Rolex, Omega, Breitling, Tag Heuer, Tudor, Cartier and many more. 

Follow this link to see Watch Winders suitable for specific Watch Brands.

The majority of automatic watches share very similar winding specifications which are delivered by all our automatic watch winders.  If your watch does not correspond with these basic settings then one of our programmable winders will be required … pleased ask if you require any help.

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Wolf Cub Single Watch Winder with Cover - Navy

Wolf Cub Single Watch Winder with Cover - Navy


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Keeping your Watch Ticking

The 1010 Boutique collection of Automatic Watch Winders has been carefully selected from a number of leading brands to create a range of products where you'll be certain to find the right product for your requirements.

For anyone with automatic watches who changes between different watches, collects watches or simply might not wear their 'special' watch every day, a watch winder in an essential piece of equipment.

1010 Boutique present a very carefully selected collection of Automatic Watch Winders from leading manufactures with winders for a single Watch to 8 and more watches we are sure to have a Winder to suit you.

We assist many watch owners and collectors who love their watches and build collections lovingly over a number of years who may simply need additional winders to accommodate their growing collection.  These clients need little introduction to Watch Winders however if you have recently purchased your first Automatic Watch, you may need a little guidance.

Why do I need an Automatic Watch Winder?

Within every automatic watch lies a very carefully crafted, intricate movement (or mechanism) that requires a regular motion in order to keep the movement constantly charged or wound.  By wearing the watch on the wrist daily for example the motion is created as you move about ensuring the watch is adequately wound.  Once you take the watch off though it will have a Power Reserve which will last for typically 1 to 3 days but after this period it will stop ticking and will require manually winding and resetting.

Many Automatic Watch Winders will also include additional ‘Complications’ in addition to simply telling the time such as Date, Annual Calendars, Moon Phase, World Time etc…  Resetting watches will complications can become quite arduous and a watch winder will eliminate this need.

The movement with Automatic watches are extremely intricate and are manufactured to extremely precise tolerances.  Lubrication of the internal parts of the movement are essential to its operation and its constant movement ensures the lubrication is evenly distributed.  A watch that has been left unwound for lengthy durations can find that lubrication is lost from key areas which can lead to increased wear of the moving parts.   

Which Watch Winder do I need?

Once you have decided that you would like to buy an Automatic Watch Winder customers can be faced with a vast selection of different watch winders on the Internet and therefore knowing which is the right product for you becomes very difficult.  The staff at 1010 Boutique are all extremely knowledgeable about our entire range and can offer assistance in your product selection.

Let us know your Watch Brand and Model details and we will tell you the optimum Turns per Day and Direction of Rotation as specified by the manufacturer.  We can then assist you in which of our winders most suits your requirements.

The 1010 Boutique Collection.

With over 40 Automatic Watch Winders available within the Collection we are confident we will stock a winder to suit almost every requirement.  Only every stocking Winders from leading brands, quality is assured.  Our collection offers:

Winders from Single Watches to Eight Watches

Materials including Leather, High Gloss Wood, Carbon Fibre etc…

20 Different Colour Variations

Winders to suit different budgets

Need any help selecting the correct Watch Winder - Call 0161 468 2780

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