Watch Rolls – Travelling With Your Watches

Whether you are storing your watch at home or taking it on a trip or vacation with you, many of the dos and don’ts remain the same. In fact, we have an article that goes into depth about storing watches at home. Please feel free to check it out.  So, let’s concentrate here on the best ways to take care of your luxury watch or watches while you are in transit and while you are away from home.

A couple of decades ago, if you forgot your watch, the best way of finding out the time, was to ask someone else. However, most of us now carry a mobile phone and can easily find out the time whenever and wherever we want. In that regard, watches have become less of an essential time keeping device and much more of a fashion statement. A great looking watch can add the finishing touches to any outfit.

As a watch collector or connoisseur who may have more than one watch, it’s really useful to know what to do with them as you travel – even if one of them is on your wrist! Your watches are not just “a collection”, they are your pride and joy and invariably will have cost you a lot of money, so you really need to know all the tips of the trade to keep them looking fantastic and to keep them safe.


If you are on the move, perhaps on frequent business trips or on holidays, then the watch roll is without doubt the best way to protect your watches. If they are laying loose in luggage or in a toiletry bag, they can easily get scratched, dirty and damaged. Let’s have a look at the options when it comes to watch storage:

Watch Roll – As we’ve already mentioned, watch rolls are a great way to keep your timepieces safe and there are plenty to choose from including the WOLF and Rapport ranges. For travelling you want something that is flexible enough to take with you but strong and sturdy enough to keep watches safe, so perhaps look for one that has some lovely soft lining which protect all parts of the watch, including the face, back and the strap. Watch rolls can usually house between 1-3 watches, so ideal if you want to take multiple watches on your trip.

Slip Case – Another great way to protect watches is with a slip case and the main benefit here, for travel, is that you can pack them quite flat, leaving you more room for other things. They will often feature a hard shell to protect from knocks etc. and a soft inner lining. Not quite as versatile as a watch roll, but you can still fit one or two of your watch collection here.

Single Watch Wrap – This is another kind of watch roll but features the ‘wrap over’ style and as the name suggests is only designed for a single watch. The watch itself is held in place and protected by a removable cushion and a series of soft flaps. Just like the slip case, it’s very easy to pack away into luggage, leaving you plenty of space for other things.

At 1010 Boutique, we’ve got everyone covered, from experienced collectors with multiple watches to those just starting out on the journey with only one or two luxury watches so far. Feel free to browse at your leisure and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need more information.


We’ve talked about the various things you can actually store your watches in, so let’s look at some practical ideas that will help to keep your collection safe and in tip-top condition while you are travelling.


If you only have a single luxury watch, then actually wearing it during your journey is a pretty good idea. The only possible downside to this is that you may have to take it off during security checks, so there is a small risk of minor damage. If you have more than one watch, or prefer not to risk any scratches as you head through security, then packing it safely away in your carry-on luggage is probably for the best. We wouldn’t recommend packing your watches away in your other baggage.


If you do have one or more watches in your hand luggage, then it makes sense to have them correctly stored away in the best protective cases. We’ve noted a few ways in which you can store them above but do ensure you have the best case for each watch.


Taking a chance on things is never a good way to protect your collection, so please make sure your insurance policy is active and right up-to-date before you head off on your journey. Check out the range of different policies available and make sure you are covered for all of your travelling.


We’ve all had that phone call to someone in another part of the world and wondered what time it is there but thankfully many watches feature multiple time zones. It goes without saying just how useful this feature will be if you plan on lots of travelling.


It’s highly likely that a simple business trip will be a very different kind of travel experience to a full on activity holiday, so take all this into account when planning which watches you will take on your travels. If you are out doing something adventurous, choose a watch that you can wear all the time, even if you are half way up a mountain! Another thing to consider is how water resistant your watch is – especially if you are planning some deep sea diving activities. Again, it’s just a case of choosing the right timepiece for the right occasion.


If you are new to watch collecting, you may not have even realized that you can get your watch serviced. Find a recommended local watchmaker and book your watch in for a service before you leave for any trip or holiday. A good service will ensure the watch is in the best possible condition and give you peace of mind while you are away.


If possible, it’s well worth having a copy of all the relevant paperwork relating to your watches with you when you travel. It’s quite possible that as make your way through customs on your return that you will be asked for proof and location of purchase. Airports can be tiresome places even when things are going well, so having the correct paperwork handy can potentially prevent any extra waiting around or other issues.

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