Valigetta 4 – New Colours

Valigetta Watch Box 4 BiColour Open
New Valigetta 4 Bi-Colour

At 1010 Boutique we have always maintained that the finest watch case on the market is the Valigetta. The cases come in a wide  range of sizes and capacities. The outstanding quality and craftsmanship is what sets them apart. You can read a more in depth review of the Valigetta 4 here. The aim of this article was to bring to the forefront a range of new colourways that Scatola del Tempo have launched and to focus on our favourite of the line up.


Thus far the Valigetta palette has been somewhat conservative and classic in direction. The recent releases are certainly designed to liven up any collection. New colours include lime green/grey and black/tiffany offerings; the middle of the road blue & ecru; and the more classic grey (anthracite) option.

Valigetta Blog Update 1
Lime Green & Grey, Black & Tiffany, Blue & Ecru Valigetta 4

The exciting and fun colourways aside, it was the updated version of the ‘bi-colour’ that really drew our attention. The previous iteration was excellent but the introduction of subtle tweaks has secured this version as what will be the watch case that others look up to. The contrasting stitching has always been present but the inside lid is now chestnut – lightening up the interior. Along with this, the cushion tops now chocolate, present a more appealing and contrasting configuration.

Valigetta Blog Update 2
The Chocolate & Chestnut interior of the new ‘Bi-Colour’

Finest quality

As we have become accustomed to, the naturally textured calfskin leather is sublime to the touch, soft, with a gentle padding, The only hardware – the signed clasp – oozes quality and has a perfect stiffness and solid feel when opening and closing. All joins are meticulously folded and sealed. The quality of stitching and manufacture is nothing short of exquisite.

At time of writing, the Valigetta 4 range of cases cost £645, and is also available in 8, 16 and 32 piece configurations.

You can view our Valigetta 4 range here or the entire range of cases by Scatola del Tempo here.

You can also read an introduction to the Scatola del Tempo brand by clicking here.

Valigetta Blog Update 4
Attention to detail
Valigetta Blog Update 5
Manufactured over multiple layers
Valigetta Blog Update 3
Signed Steel Clasp

Some of the Valigetta range