Valigetta 4 by Scatola del Tempo

The Watch Box that isn’t a Watch Box!

Scatola del Tempo, the pioneers and inventors of the watch winder as we know it today, actually began by producing watch cases. When talking about Scatola del Tempo’s products, the word ‘cases’ seems more fitting than ‘boxes’. There seems to be something decidedly ‘clunky’ and ‘rigid’ about the word box that simply doesn’t fit with the product I have sat in front of me, but let us come back to that later on!

With ecological awareness, Scatola del Tempo source all their materials for production within a 50km radius of their manufacture in Como, Italy – also justifying their statement of ‘100% Made in Italy’.

Among others within the Scatola line up, the Valigetta range is available in various configurations to suit 4, 8, 16 and 32 pieces with a pared down palette of different calfskin leathers for inside and out. This includes Black, Chocolate, Chestnut and finally a Bi-Colour which has a chocolate exterior with a chestnut interior.

Today I will be taking a detailed look at the Valigetta 4 in Chocolate.

Beautifully grained, super soft calfskin interior

Once unboxed the first thing you notice is just how soft the calfskin is, every part of the case, inside and out is covered including the cushions, no corners cut here – everything, no clumsy hinges – even that is leather! The top and bottom of the case has a padding that further enhances the soft feel while holding. Opening up you are presented with shaped and considered pockets for your treasured timepieces, constructed from the base upwards in three stages, each component is carefully covered and padded in the calfskin. Designed to accommodate large cased watches, up to 52mm as stated (although the sample here would take 55mm) including winding crown. The depth of the pockets is significant – which would certainly allow for some seriously thick leather straps without causing any issue.

The case construction is built up in layers
Plenty of space for larger cased pieces

The level of craftsmanship on display with the Valigetta is staggering – all the corners have been worked in perfectly, no seems or joins to be seen, the edges have had the leather carefully moulded around them giving perfect, clean lines. On the underside of the case lid, there are 4 raised circular pads – undeniably Scatola del Tempo in design (and feel) that serve to protect the watch crystals and prevent any movement during transit.

No joins or seams, perfect corners
Raised circular pads to prevent movement and protect the crystals

Subtly debossed in the corner of the lid is the Scatola del Tempo logo – with or without this, there is only one manufacturer capable of this standard in quality. Closing the lid with a satisfying, dull and soft sound of leather on leather, the case is secured using the in-house manufactured nickel plated clasp that is etched with the Scatola logo.

…and so we come back to the ‘case/box discussion’…

Yes it is a box, it is rectangular and you put things inside it. However the Valigetta demands more respect than being labelled a box, it deserves more respect than being labelled a box! The quality of workmanship, the feel, the weight and even the smell – simply ooze a quality that needs to be described in a way that deservedly sets it apart and more importantly – above all other watch boxes. This is a watch case!

In our humble opinion, the Valigetta is undoubtedly the finest watch case ever to cross the 1010 Boutique threshold and very possibly the finest  in the world! All configurations of the Valigetta 4 cost £595 – if you are seeking the finest place to keep your watches – look no further!

(Prices and specs correct at time of publishing)

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