The 1010 Boutique Collection of Winders for 4 Watches

4 Piece Watch Winders

The 1010 Boutique Collection of Winders for 4 Watches

4 Piece Watch Winders

The 1010 Boutique Collection of Winders for 4 Watches

4 Piece Watch Winders

1010 Boutique have carefully selected our collection of winders to include a great selection of 4 Watch Winders from leading brands including WOLF and Rapport London.

Designed to wind just about all modern automatic watches from leading brands such as Rolex, Tag Heuer, Omega, Cartier, Breitling, IWC, Tudor and many more … Select a Watch Winder that is suitable for your Watch Brand.

The prefect compliment to the growing collection.

All 4 Piece Watch Winders

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4 Watch Winders are also known as Quad Winders but they are the same thing … a single construction or housing with 4 individual winding modules built in which are capable of winding up to 4 automatic mechanical watches at the same time.

The vast majority of automatic watches on sale today or from recent years share very similar winding specifications and all the watch winders from our single winders right through to multiple winders will wind these watches adequately.  However, once your collection of watches starts to increase you will undoubtedly acquire watches with differing winding specifications and potentially with older watches, in particular, you may need quite specific winding specifications which a standard winder may not accommodate.

This is why most 4 Watch Winders and above are all fully programmable allowing you to select very precise Turns per Day (TPD) and directions of winding.  As all watches may vary the winding modules all work independently from each other allowing different winding data for each module.

Watch Winders are very useful items for people with multiple watches as their collection of watches are always kept fully wound and therefore show the correct time and date.  If you wear your different watches on a regular basis then watch winders could almost be considered essential!  If watches feature complications such as a moon phase, annual calendars or even perpetual calendars then watch winders become even more important as resetting these features can be a very time-consuming process.


Our 4 Watch Winder range includes a number of different options from Both Rapport London and WOLF.

Rapport offer their Perpetua III and Formula ranges at very similar price points.  They both offer the same functionality but the Perpetua III is a more traditional design available in Black Piano Wood or Walnut whereas the Formula is a much more contemporary offering with a glass front and striking Carbon Fibre option.

WOLF have 4 offerings starting with the ever-popular Heritage winder with its classic black leather appearance and very competitive price point.

The Axis, Roadster and Viceroy all share the same architecture but give 3 very different and individual style options.  The most contemporary must be the Axis with its striking metal-plated interior available in either black powder coat or Copper.  The roadster delivers a gorgeous ebony macassar front plate whilst the Viceroy is simple understated elegance.  All 3 of these models feature Wolf’s fully programmable 2.7 winding module.

Please enjoy browsing our site but if you require any assistance in making a selection then please do not hesitate to contact us on 0161 468 2780.