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One of the widest selections of Single Watch Winders in the UK from a number of leading brands ... 1010 Boutique are approved stockists and resellers of the following brands: WOLF, Rapport London, Swiss Kubik, Scatola del Tempo and ChronoVision.

Designed to wind just about all modern automatic watches from leading brands such as Rolex, Tag Heuer, Omega, Cartier, Breitling, IWC, Tudor and many more the 1010 Boutique collection is one of the most extensive in the UK.  Select a Watch Winder that is suitable for your Watch Brand.

Watch Winders for 1 Watch

Wolf Cub Single Watch Winder with Cover - Navy

Wolf Cub Single Watch Winder with Cover - Navy


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Wolf Cub Single Watch Winder with Cover - Cream

Wolf Cub Single Watch Winder with Cover - Cream


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Automatic Winders for One Watch

A single watch winder is quite simply a watch winder that has the capacity to wind only one watch at a time.  Automatic mechanical watches are designed to wind themselves by using the movement of the person wearing the watch.  Once the watch has stopped being worn and the power reserve has been depleted the watch will stop.

This can be quite inconvenient when you come to wear the watch the next time as it will need the time resetting along with the date if your watch has this function.  On many high-end watches there are other functions or complications which may also require resetting which can be a much more in-depth process.  One of the winders above will ensure your watch is always fully wound and ready to go when you are.

Your automatic watch will have an optimal winding specification as set by the manufacturer which will require a set number of turns per day (TPD) and a direction of rotation in which the watch must be wound.  The vast majority of automatic watches on sale today share very similar winding specifications which are used by the manufacturers of the winders ... therefore all single watch winders will wind just about every automatic watch available.

Our Winder Ranges

Not only do we stock single watch winders from many leading manufacturers we ensure we hold all the key ranges from each of those manufacturers. 

We stock the following ranges:

Wolf : Cub, Heritage, Axis, Roadster, Viceroy, Windsor and Savoy

Rapport : Evo Cube, Perpetua III, Formula, Vogue and other special models.

Even amongst the 5 main brands, we stock once you consider the colour and material options of each of the main winder models we have well in excess of 100 options of single watch winders to choose from.

Our stock range offers a huge number of different colours, styles, material finishes, power supplies including programmable and App-controlled winders.

Although single winders are designed to wind only one watch at a time there are a number of options from within our range that will allow you to join multiple single winders together as your collection grows.

Single winders lend themselves perfectly to sit on bedside cabinets or desks as the majority of them are cube-based products and take up very little space. They are aesthetically pleasing and are a good way of displaying your watch while keeping it wound. Similarly, they can be tucked away in wardrobes or even safes to ensure your watches remain fully wound when locked away for safekeeping.

If you require any help in selecting a single watch winder then please do not hesitate to contact us on 0161 468 2780.

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