Rotor One by Scatola del Tempo

R1 BP 9

Design flare, exceptional quality and the finest Swiss technology. The Rotor One by Scatola del Tempo is hard to beat. It was over 30 years ago that Scatola del Tempo headed up at the time by late founder Sandro Colarieti brought the first watch winder into circulation. Borne of necessity for his own vast collection…

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Valigetta 4 by Scatola del Tempo

Scatola del Tempo, the pioneers and inventors of the watch winder as we know it today, actually began by producing watch cases. When talking about Scatola del Tempo’s products, the word ‘cases’ seems more fitting than ‘boxes’. There seems to be something decidedly ‘clunky’ and ‘rigid’ about the word box that simply doesn’t fit with…

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